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Why Host an international exchange child?

This is certainly one of the unique experiences in the world when you open your home and your heart to an exchange program child from a different country. Hosting an international delegate offers a life-changing experience for the entire family that lasts well after the time of the exchange.


  • Let your kids learn about another culture in a unique way as you also get to learn about his/her life, food, culture and customs;
  • Learn a new language or practice the language you are currently learning.
  • Increase communication skills of your children;


Frequently asked questions:

1. How will we be able to communicate? Do they speak English?
- Some, they are learning English

2. What are we supposed to do with our delegate?
- Experience family life. What do you and your family do during the summer?


3. Do they have classes to attend?
- No. We only expect you to attend your orientation and the arrival and departure parties, but you may plan a get together with other host families during the homestay.


4. I have a daughter. Will my delegate be a girl?
- Your delegate will be of the same sex as the host child.


5. How old will he/she be?
- We will choose a child as close to your child’s age as possible.


6. Do we keep contact with his/her parents?
- During the exchange, no. Afterword, yes!


Undoubtedly, you will have lots of questions. Our State Coordinator, Melissa Johnson will be able to answer your questions, both at orientation and by phone or email.


State Coordinator:
Darlene Locke
(click on the name to send a message to Darlene from the contact form)
Tel.: (979) 845-6535