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Why Host an international exchange child?

This is certainly one of the unique experiences in the world when you open your home and your heart to an exchange program child from a different country. Hosting an international delegate offers a life-changing experience for the entire family that lasts well after the time of the exchange.


  • Let your kids learn about another culture in a unique way as you also get to learn about his/her life, food, culture and customs;
  • Learn a new language or practice the language you are currently learning.
  • Increase communication skills of your children;


Frequently asked questions:

1. How will we be able to communicate? Do they speak English?
- Some, they are learning English

2. What are we supposed to do with our delegate?
- Experience family life. What do you and your family do during the summer?


3. Do they have classes to attend?
- No. We only expect you to attend your orientation and the arrival and departure parties, but you may plan a get together with other host families during the homestay.


4. I have a daughter. Will my delegate be a girl?
- Your delegate will be of the same sex as the host child.


5. How old will he/she be?
- We will choose a child as close to your child’s age as possible.


6. Do we keep contact with his/her parents?
- During the exchange, no. Afterword, yes!


Undoubtedly, you will have lots of questions. Our State Coordinator, Melissa Johnson will be able to answer your questions, both at orientation and by phone or email.


State Coordinator:
Darlene Locke
(click on the name to send a message to Darlene from the contact form)
Tel.: (979) 845-6535

Why travel abroad is so important for your kids?


Make an invaluable investment in the future of your child. Let him/her see the world from a different perspective! Many studies have shown the positive impact on the kids who travelled outside their home country more frequently than their fellows.

Beside the opportunity to taste new cuisine and live as a local in a different country, your child will get a lifetime opportunity to tour amazing sites, experience a new culture and home traditions, learn some language’s basics, make new friends and most important, broaden and expand his or her outlook!
TGE is partnered with long-standing organizations who strive to make this opportunity as well-rounded an experience as possible. Try one of our unique outbound programs below:


Available programs:


Mr. Dan Fauber


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    Tel.:     811-579-1241

Frequently asked questions:


1. What makes this exchange program different from others?


- Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange has partnered with long-standing organizations who strive to make this opportunity as well-rounded an experience as possible. We do not ‘tour’ your child around the country. We place him/her in a home with children of the same approximate age in order to create an immersion environment. This way, your child will see and experience a part of the culture that no tourist ever sees. Your child will also be immersed in the language and lifestyles of the inhabitants of that country. No other exchange can offer the same experience.


2. What if I cannot speak Greek, Japanese or Spanish?

- You will have a chaperone to contact who can speak English. Homestays and coordinators in the country can speak some English. You will have some training and a cheat book of phrases.


3. Will my child be safe? How will I know?

- Our partners in each country have tight security guidelines and Japan is one of the safest countries you can travel to. Your child will be in contact with an English speaking chaperone and will be staying with a family who has been carefully screened.


4. Who is chosen as a Chaperone?

- Each delegation will be escorted by a chaperone who has been carefully screened. Background checks are run on applicants and interviews are done by our staff before they are chosen. They are trained in their assigned duties before the exchange.


5. Will there be some sort of orientation or training before my child leaves?


- Yes, we have developed a detailed orientation program and literature to help acquaint you and your child with the country he/she will be traveling to. We want this to be a safe and exciting exchange filled with learning in all areas.


6. What if my child gets sick while in another country?


- We purchase medical insurance for each child while he/she is in the foreign country. The host family is instructed in use of the insurance.

texas mapWhy Travel to Texas, USA?

Texas is the second most populous, the second-largest of the 50 states in the United States of America and the largest state in the 48 contiguous United States.

Texans love their state from the warm waters and sandy Gulf Coast beaches to the majestic canyons and forests. The East Texas Swamps and Piney Woods to the flat, desolate West Texas miles – driving across the state will make you think you have driven though 4 different countries.

Play cowboy and relive history at The Alamo. Enjoy world-famous art, music and food. Shop for one-of-a-kind treasures. No matter what kind of adventure you're looking for, you’ll find it in Texas.

What comes to your mind when you hear “TEXAS”? – Cowboys!!! Yeah, we do host the world’s largest Rodeo each spring in Houston… Speaking about culture, Texas is not only about wild life, cowboys, boots and rodeo. Austin, which is known as Live Music Capital of the World, boasts more music venues per capita than any other city.

Food is delicious. Texas is best known for the quality of its world famous steak houses. And please remember that everything is Bigger in Texas! You should definitely take the opportunity and visit this Lone Star State of Texas!



Available programs:

•    Japan to USA, TX (July 21-August 18, 2015)

•    Greece to USA, TX (July 21-August 18, 2015)

•    Costa Rica to USA, TX (not available for year 2015)




Frequently asked questions:

1.    What is the process of choosing a host family?

- The security of all our delegates is a number one issue for us. We carefully choose all our host families around Texas through detailed and secure application forms, recommendations and conducting criminal check.

2.    I have a daughter. Will my host family have kids?

- Yes, when searching an ideal host family for your kid, we take into consideration the gender and the age of a delegate travelling to Texas. The host child will be of the same gender as the delegate. We also try to match their interests and hobbies.

3.    How old will he/she be?

- We will choose a child as close to your child’s age as possible.