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Volunteers welcome!


As with any 501 3 c organization, Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange is powered by volunteers. Each year we need new volunteers to help us locate new host families, plan activities and raise funds. We would be delighted to include you in our team. Contact us if you are interested in contributing to better global understanding by becoming a key supporter of our cultural exchange. Volunteer opportunities include:


  • Area Coordinators: TGE is Texas-wide and Texas is a big state. We need individuals to support our Inbound and Outbound coordinators. Area Coordinators provide local support and assistance with all program needs.
  • Field Trip Coordinators: While the focus of the program is a cultural exchange through "normal" family activities, it's exciting to watch the interaction when the delegates connect with others during specific social activities. Field Trip Coordinators support host families by arranging local field trips. (Last year, the Dallas group went to a bakery and a ball game.)
  • Fundraising Assistant: Work closely with the outbound youth to help them plan specific fund raising activities.
  • Inbound Hosts: An orientation meeting and a farewell party are two activities for the delegates and their host families. Inbound hosts support these activities by planning the activities (e.g., meals, interactive games)
  • Outbound Hosts: In addition to the orientation, outbound youth have a farewell get together and a welcome home activity. The Outbound hosts support all the special activities.