Japan - Greece - Australia - Costa Rica - USA

Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange was formed in 2005 to provide Texas youth and adults with the opportunity to host new international friends in their homes or travel abroad for a homestay with a family. These first-hand cultural experiences promote international understanding through short cultural exchanges between youth and adults around the world.


TGE is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and donations to support our programs are tax deductable. If you or a corporation you are affiliated with is interested in supporting our endeavors, please contact Dan James to make a contribution.


We partner with similar organizations to provide exchanges between Texas families and families in Japan, Greece, Australia, and Costa Rica.


What are the Program Goals ?


Value diversity, respect, & understanding for others

Establish friendship - across the globe

Skills growth in adapting to differences

Increase compassion for people new to a different culture.

Share cultures, customs & heritage

Improve self self-understanding

Increase communication skills