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Texas Global Education, TGE, is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization founded in 2005 whose mission is to support and perpetuate the growth of global education, promote world peace through cultural exchange opportunities and establish a network to further international understanding.

TGE Participants:

Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange has partnered with long-standing organizations who strive to make this opportunity a successful and unforgettable experience. Our young participants have the opportunity to see the world not as a tourist but to explore it from the inside by staying in a local host family. They learn to appreciate new traditions, that sometimes are more than a thousand years old, they immerse to a new culture and learn the best of it, they practice the language and learn to cook and they enjoy the variety of food, national dishes and much more! We always try to place our young delegate in a home with children of approximately the same age and gender in order to create a friendly and warm environment. This way, the participant will live and experience a part of culture that no tourist ever sees. No other exchange can offer the same experience.

TGE Host Families:

Encouraging your son or daughter to explore another country through intercultural exchange might be your greatest gift to our world. Not ready to send your kid miles away from your home country? There is a right solution for that! Explore the world and learn new culture and much more by hosting an international young delegate. This is certainly one of the unique experiences in the world when you open your home and your heart to an exchange program child from a different country. Hosting an international child offers a life-changing experience for the entire family that lasts well after the time of the exchange. Since 2006, TGE has hosted more than 250 foreign participants. We always carefully match our participants (same age/sex as your kids), and our volunteers are always there on hand to make sure the host families and young delegates have the support and tools needed for a positive experience. Strong ties are often forged between the family and the student; in fact, many participants remain in touch with their host families for the rest of their lives.

Personal and Family benefits include among others:


  • Expand your horizons;
  • Let your kids learn about another culture in a unique way as you also get to learn about his/her life, food, culture and customs;
  • Share life and family experiences;
  • Improve self-understanding;
  • Develop cross-cultural understanding through communication and interaction;
  • Increase communication skills of your children;
  • Make pure and long lasting friendship around the globe.